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Not All Electrical Work Should Be DIY

Times a-changing and work-at-home is the trend. San Antonio professional electrician All Star Electric observes that an increasing number of homeowners take on electrical remodeling projects they are not qualified to complete safely.

This is not the only trend that affects the electrical services industry. Remodeling projects are the occasion for people to move to new lighting systems, install EV chargers at home, and adopt more energy-efficient systems… This creates a host of opportunities for professional electricians to serve an increasing demand for these new systems.

A growing demand for licensed residential electricians

What drives the increase in demand for licensed electricians? A corresponding increase in powered devices, buildings, and vehicles. There is not enough professionals to server this demand. We need more electricians to install and maintain these systems.


With the advancement of technology, electricity powers more and more devices in our homes and workplaces. This includes not only traditional appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and HVAC systems but also modern devices like home automation systems, electrically powered security systems, and more. These devices often require professional installation and maintenance to ensure they are safe and efficient.


The construction of new buildings often requires extensive electrical work, including wiring, lighting, and the installation of various electrical systems. Additionally, older buildings often need electrical upgrades to meet modern safety standards and to accommodate the increased electrical load from modern devices and appliances. Furthermore, the trend towards energy-efficient and smart buildings is increasing the complexity of electrical systems, which in turn increases the demand for skilled electricians.


The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is also contributing to the increased demand for certified electricians. EVs require charging stations which only professionals should install and maintain. As more people switch to EVs, we expect the demand for certified professional electricians who can install and service these charging stations to grow.

Never forget or underplay the fact that electrical work can be dangerous if not performed correctly. There are both safety and legal reasons to requiring that only licensed professionals carry out certain tasks.

Electrical tasks that should NOT be DIY projects

Upgrading an Electrical Panel:

This involves working directly with high-capacity wires and breakers, which can be dangerous if not handled correctly. You also need to understand really well the set-up of your electrical system.

Installing New Outlets or Light Fixtures:

While this may seem simple, it involves working with electrical wiring, which can be dangerous. It also requires knowledge of how to wire the outlet or fixture correctly to avoid overloading your electrical system.

Rewiring a House:

This is a large project that involves replacing all the electrical wires in a house. It is a complex task that requires a deep understanding of electrical systems and codes.

Repairing Electrical Code Violations:

If an inspector found your home to have electrical code violations, have a licensed professional electrician fix them. Code violations often involve issues that would make your home unsafe if not properly fixed.

Don’t attempt to do electrical code repairs yourself


Electrical work can be hazardous if not done correctly. It involves working with live wires, which can lead to electric shocks or fires if mishandled. Professional electricians have the necessary training and equipment to handle these risks.

Knowledge of Electrical Codes:

Electrical codes are sets of regulations that ensure the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. They are complex and vary by location. Professional electricians are familiar with these codes and know how to comply with them. Homeowners, on the other hand, are not usually aware of all the details of these codes. Ignorance leads to unsafe installations.

Inspections and Permits:

Major electrical work often requires permits and professional inspectors ensure it complies with local codes (See the San Antonio city code link below). If you do electrical work without a permit or you fail the inspection, you will have to pay fines and get a professional to redo the work.

Quality of Work:

Professional electricians have the training and experience to perform electrical work to a high standard. They can ensure that the electrical system functions efficiently and safely. DIY electrical work usually fails to meet these standards, which always leads to problems down the line.


Electrical work risks creating damage, even light up a fire when done incorrectly. Insurance companies typically decide to not cover these damages if the homeowner can’t show a licensed professional did the job.

Electrical system inspection: a job for a licensed professional electrician

Have a licensed professional electrician perform an electrical inspection at your home to ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system, prevent future issues, and get you some peace of mind. 


This is the most important one. Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, or outdated equipment can pose serious safety hazards, including electrical fires or shocks. A professional electrician can identify and correct these issues, ensuring your home is safe.

Compliance with Electrical Codes:

Regulators design electrical codes to ensure the safe installation and operation of electrical systems. An electrician can ensure your system is up to code, which is especially important if you’re considering selling your home in the future. San Antonio has its own local codes, and non-professionals usually don’t know them.

Preventive Maintenance:

An electrical inspection will identify potential issues before they become serious problems. For example, an electrician might find an overloading situation in your system or discover worn-out components that require replacement.

Energy Efficiency:

An electrician can also identify ways to make your electrical system more efficient, which can save you money on your energy bills. This could include recommending energy-efficient appliances or lighting, or identifying devices that are using more power than they should.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that a professional has inspected your electrical system and approved it gives you peace of mind. You can be confident that your system is safe and functioning properly.

DIY projects that don’t require a licensed professional electrician

Homeowners love DIY projects. When professional electricians tell them they can’t carry out their DIY electrical project, they may doubt it is true. There are indeed basic electrical tasks that homeowners in San Antonio can perform without a license or real risks.

Safety warning

But first, let’s remind everyone that ANY electrical work can be dangerous if not done properly. Electricity is dangerous, period. Electrical shocks can kill, and it is not wise to perform any electrical task in your home if you do not have the basic knowledge necessary to perform them safely. 

Watching videos on YouTube may help ensure a degree of safety, but this type of education is not a guarantee you can do them safely, and as professional electricians in San Antonio, we need to advise you to always choose safety, and not to do any electrical task that you are not already familiar with. The safety advice we give for each task is only basic advice. Please educate yourself more fully before you attempt any of these tasks.

6 examples of DIY electrical projects

Changing Light Bulbs

To be sure, this is a simple task; but always make sure the light switch is off before you start. Also, only use a bulb with the correct wattage for the fixture. Installing a 100W bulb on a lamp rated to support a 40W bulb is a sure way to risks starting a fire in your home: the heat coming from traditional light bulbs is capable of setting on fire a lamp shade or even a ceiling fixture.

Replacing Light Switches

If a light switch is faulty, you can often replace it without too much trouble. Make sure to turn off the power at the breaker before starting, and check it twice with a voltage tester to ensure there’s no current. if you don’t know how to use a voltage tester, please learn before you start fixing your light switches.

Installing a New Light Fixture

If you replace a light fixture with a similar one, you can often do it without extra special knowledge. Be aware of the wattage of the old and the new fixtures. Some can’t be installed in tight and narrow spaces without creating a fire hazard. Again, always turn off the power at the breaker and check twice with a voltage tester.

Replacing Electrical Outlets

Homeowners can replace electrical outlets, just like they change light switches, as long as they take at least the same precautions. Basic rules: always turn off the power first, and be sure to correctly wire the new outlet.

Installing a Ceiling Fan

If you replace a light fixture with a ceiling fan, and the rating of the electrical box supports the weight of the fan, you can do this without being a licensed electrician. However, if you need to install a new electrical box, it is best to hire a professional.

Resetting Circuit Breakers

When a circuit breaker trips, you can usually reset it. However, when a breaker is frequently tripping, this is the sign of a problem. You need to have a professional electrician inspect it.

New types of services provided by professional electricians

As consumer demand evolves towards systems that use less electricity and better security systems, people consult professional electricians for new types of services.

Some examples

Smart Home Installation:

Smart home systems include everything from smart lighting and thermostats, to advanced home security systems. These systems often require complex wiring and integration with the current electrical system. Professional electricians will handle this according to best and safest practices.

Smart Lighting Services:

We observe a growing demand for smart light bulbs and lighting systems controlled remotely or programmed to operate on a schedule. Some systems also offer features like motion detection or automatic adjustment based on the time of day.

Home Security System Installation:

Many electricians now offer services to install advanced home security systems. These can include alarms, security cameras, and smart locks. You can control and monitor all of these remotely, when you are not at home. 

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation:

As electric vehicles become more common, many homeowners are installing charging stations in their homes. Doing complex task means working with high voltages. Only a professional electrician should carry it out. All Star Electric is a Certified Tesla installer.

Energy Efficiency Consultation:

San Antonio electrician All Star Electric offers services to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient. This can involve installing low-power lighting or appliances, optimizing your home electrical system for efficiency, or installing systems making use of renewable energies.

Additional Resources

San Antonio City Building-related Codes: Article VI of this document shows which codes the City of San Antonio, TX requires electricians and property owners to comply with.

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