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Smart Home Systems

San Antonio Smart Home Systems

Since 1995, All Star Electric has been helping homeowners keep their properties current with the latest electrical requirements and features available. One of the cutting edge advances that you might want to consider for your San Antonio home is smart technology. We can install many Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home that will allow you to control it automatically—and from any distance.

When you want a property that is completely wired to do your bidding—everything from locking the front door to adjusting the lights using a simple smartphone app—turn to us. Our electricians have been handpicked for their proven skill and experience in the industry. You can rely on them to transform your life with our smart home systems.

How Far Can We Take Smart Home Automation?

We have made a point of providing only the best products and technology from leading manufacturers of smart home devices. Homeowners get to choose from a wide selection of available products, at price points to suit any budget, for their smart home automation project. We will even back up your investment with a 2-year warranty on parts and workmanship.

As a San Antonio electrical company, we have a skilled team ready and waiting to help with installation of your home automation system. Our contractors are able to assist with:

  • HVAC Control: We can install a smart home thermostat that allows you to monitor and control your HVAC system via a phone. The thermostat may also feature a color display with touch screen inputs for adjusting temperature or window shades.
  • Power Consumption: From wall outlets you can shut off to a home energy monitor that tracks usage across the household, we provide the resources you need to improve your energy efficiency.
  • Lighting: It’s a cinch to connect household lighting to a smart device, so you can turn lights on or off at the touch of a button. We’ll also install energy efficient lighting systems and LED bulbs to help you go green.

Grab a Price Estimate for Our San Antonio Smart Home Systems

Those who are thinking about installing smart home systems in their properties need a licensed and certified electrician for the job. All Star Electric has a team that can do the work safely and efficiently, so you can start living a better life right away. Give us a call or fill out our online form to request a price estimate for smart home automation from a local electrician in San Antonio.