Electrical Panel Replacement

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San Antonio Electrical Panel Replacement

Do the circuit breakers in your electrical panel trip regularly? Have you noticed the lights dimming when more than one appliance is being used in a room? Or maybe the circuit has completely overloaded and no longer provides power at all? Do you have an outdated panel that has been recalled due to known safety hazards? Whether you have a single serious event or have been experiencing chronic issues with your electrical panel, it might be time to consider an electrical panel replacement.

The local San Antonio electricians at All Star Electric have the tools and skills needed to complete the panel replacement for your home or business. Our team works fast to replace or upgrade the old system with something more modern and efficient.

Efficient & Fast Replacement Services

When you reach out to us about a breaker box replacement, we’ll send a local electrician over to inspect your circuit breakers first. If there is an issue that can’t be fixed, the contractor should have all of the tools and equipment needed to replace the electrical panel on the same day. We also offer emergency service if you lose power and need a circuit breaker replacement right away. Our San Antonio electricians will make sure your circuit breaker is repaired or replaced as soon as possible in order to minimize any inconvenience.

As a BBB-accredited, A+ rated company, we also make a point of providing additional services and amenities to customers, such as:

  • A two year warranty on our electrical panel replacement services.
  • A complete range of electrical services for any home or business need.
  • Financing options to make this project easier to afford.
  • In-home inspections with price estimates for replacement.

Allow Us to Tell You More About Electrical Panel Replacement in San Antonio

Dealing with a problematic breaker box can be a frustrating issue. Don’t let it interfere with your life any longer than necessary. Call All Star Electric to have us send a local electrician to your San Antonio home for an inspection. Our fully licensed and certified electrician will provide a quick diagnosis and quote for any electrical panel services. You can also fill out our simple online form to have a certified electrician call you right away.

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