Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

San Antonio Lighting Installation

Is it time to think about a new lighting installation in your home? Here is a simple test with 3 key questions: Do you sometimes feel your interior needs a bit of relooking, that it looks a bit “tired”? Is the lighting in your living room too harsh in the evening? Do your fixtures look outdated, making your home feel “old”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, revamping your lighting installation could really change the vibe and make your home exciting again.

All Star Electric and its team of San Antonio electricians have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any new lighting installation or update. Nothing is standing in the way of you and your dream home anymore with the help of our professionals and our range of affordable products, such as:

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Interior Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Pool Lighting

Lighting to Show off Your Landscaping at All Hours

Everyone loves a summer night on the patio, but candles and torches don’t always provide adequate lighting—not to mention they can be dangerous around children. But don’t let that stop you from having fun after the sun sets! Our licensed and certified electricians offer several weather-proof, durable, and stylish landscape lighting products for your yard.

Professional Lighting Installation of Light Fixtures

Interior lighting comes with a variety of light fixtures, each with their own installation methods. From lights recessed into cabinetry to those suspended from the ceiling, the highly trained installers at All Star Electric know the quickest and most efficient processes for lighting installation needs without compromising the quality or safety of our work.

Comprehensive Commercial Lighting Products

If you need security lights around your large warehouse or some mood lighting for your restaurant, All Star Electric is the premier commercial lighting destination for businesses in San Antonio. With our comprehensive product offerings, you can handle all of your lighting needs in one stop for more efficient installations.

Stunning Ceiling Fans for Your Home

Sometimes you need a little extra boost to keep your home cool. In this case, ceiling fans are incredibly useful. However, it can be hard to find a style that complements your home’s interior. When you come to All Star Electric, you can choose from a wide range of beautiful ceiling fan sizes and styles designed to fit your taste, budget, and home.

Pool Lighting for a Safer Backyard

Whether you want to enjoy some nighttime swimming or prevent an accidental plunge due to a dangerously dark backyard, pool lighting is a necessity. Due to the unique circumstances, you need quality products built to withstand the water and chemicals for long-lasting use. More importantly, they need to be professionally installed, or you risk electrifying your entire swimming pool.


How much will redoing my lighting installation cost?

We have a good reputation for practicing very reasonable rates. The cost of a lighting installation depends entirely on the scope of the project. A kitchen lighting installation does not cost the same as a landscape lighting installation.

We come to your residence, we discuss your project, we work on the details including the electrical supplies you want us to provide and those you decide to buy yourself; we also discuss your timeline and the constraints. Then we provide a detailed estimate which we review with you.

How long does a lighting installation typically take?

Most generally, a lighting installation takes a few days. Sometimes it takes much less time because the scope of work is really limited. On very large home, a full lighting installation may take a couple of weeks. It all depends on the extent to which you want to remodel, if we do a service panel upgrade, if we need to pull new cabling, etc.

But in all cases, after discussing your project in details with you and reviewing it thoroughly, we will propose you an estimate and a timeline taking into account your time and budget constraints.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes! We are very proud of our work, and our Google reviews show we work hard to ensure our clients’ satifaction. We stand behind all our electrical work with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor to give you full peace of mind.

Why should I work with a licensed electrician for my lighting installation?

There are complex tasks that Texas law will just not allow you to do (e.g. upgrading your electrical panel or pulling cabling, etc.). You could theoretically do some of your lighting installation yourself. In reality however, most people are quickly over their head doing this work. This is no coincidence that to become a journeyman in Texas, you need to have 7,000 hours of apprenticeship under a master electrician before you can take the examination to try to pass the journeyman certification test. And even if you pass the exam, you won’t get your licensure before you reach 8,000 hours of work.

All in all, it would be bad advice to suggest you do your lighting installation yourself. We are not talking obviously of changing light bulbs for LED lights… Yes, that you can do yourself (just be sure the power is off!). But bottom line: for reasons of safety, fire hazard, inspections, insurance, waste of time and material, and just the risks to your life (working with electricity can be lethal), just hire a licensed electrician to do the right job, ontime, and right the first time.

We live in Helotes, do you serve the area?

Yes, absolutely. We serve households and businesses in San Antonio and its greater area, including Alamo Heights, Selma, Castle Hills and Helotes.

Does the electrical company pull permits for us?

Yes, absolutely. We pull permits before we start the work. We do all the paperwork. When the job is done and an electrical inspection by the City of San Antonio is necessary, we arrange for the inspection to be carried out too, in accordance with your own time constraints.

We want to hide the lights in our kitchen and our living room: do you do that?

Yes. Recessed lighting can be set up on ceilings, in cupboards, under your kitchen cabinetry, under your countertops and island, as well as in your bookshelves, above the rodpockets of your windows, etc. All each recessed light (especially in your kitchen) will be on its own circuit/wiring.

Do you use smart fixtures, like remote-controlled lights and light color changes?

Absolutely. Smart home systems is one of our specialties. We can install motion sensors, presence detectors, remote control apps, etc. We can install iOT (internet of things) appliances. And we will work with you to reduce your electrical consumption in every possible way.

Do you need to open up ceilings and walls to re-route wiring or install new cabling? If so do you repair the issues?

In general, we tend to be very conscious of the sanctity of your home, and try our best to avoid disturbing your life. However, some projects require opening up new passageways in walls and ceilings; also when we remove existing systems, the holes and damages left by the old fixtures need repairing. We repair anything we do, and leave your home clean.

Contact Us About New Lighting Installation in Your San Antonio Home

No matter which of our lighting products you need, our team of certified licensed electricians is here to help. Reach out to All Star Electric by phone to speak with a local electrician about what you have in mind. If you would like to request a complimentary project quote, simply fill out our online form with your project details

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