What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out

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when the power goes out

A power outage isn’t just an inconvenience—it’s also potentially dangerous. Many homeowners are unaware of the facts surrounding a power outage, including how to respond and address the issue or how to prepare for such an occurrence. When an outage is caused by bad weather conditions and other electrical problems, the sudden resurgence can not only damage your appliances, but it can also cause fires.

All-Star Electric is a trusted electrical service provider that has been in the industry for more than two decades. Dedicated to keeping San Antonio families safe, we provide top-quality electrical inspection, maintenance, repair, and surge protection solutions at reasonable rates. In this article, our expert electricians will discuss all the important things that you should know about power outages and how to deal with them, in order to keep you and your household safe.

Find Official Outage Information

When an outage occurs, one of the first things that you should do is to find a source of specific information regarding the outage. Find out how long the outage is expected to last and what caused the outage in the first place, to determine what happened and how long you should expect to wait for the power to turn back on. You can use the radio, telephone, or your smartphone to connect with relevant local authorities (i.e., the power company in your city) for updates on outages in your area.

Shut Off Electrical Appliances

The sudden surge of electricity after the power goes out can be dangerous to your electrical appliances and can even lead to house fires. With this, it is recommended to shut down the power supply and shut off your electrical appliances. Similarly, if the outage is caused by bad weather and you expect the power to flicker on and off repeatedly, consider turning off and unplugging all of your appliances until the power is restored to 100%.

Avoid Sources of Water Especially During a Storm or Heavy Rain

When the power goes out due to inclement weather conditions, and there is severe flooding, it is important to avoid sources of water or puddles of standing water. This is because exposed wiring or power lines may be hidden in these areas, which could cause electrocution.

Install Surge Protection Devices

As mentioned earlier, a sudden surge of electricity and fluctuations in electrical flow can result in damage to your electrical appliances plugged into the current. Plus, when things get out of hand, the resurgence may lead to house fires which may bring more severe damages to your home. A great way to protect your property is through whole-home surge protection devices and lightning arresters.

Power Generators

If you want to spare yourself from the hassles of a power outage, keep a power generator installed in your home. Power generators can be life-savers in times of long power outages, or in areas where the power is constantly flickering on and off or sensitive to weather fluctuations. Additionally, a whole-home system with an automatic transfer switch can aid in temperature control and preservation of food, as well.

The Most Reliable Local Electrician

If you are looking to keep your family safe by having certified electricians install surge protection devices in your home, All-Star Electric is the company to call. Since 1995, our company has been servicing San Antonio homes, providing industry-leading products and electrical services.

Learn more about our team of qualified, local electricians and the high-quality electrical repair, installation, inspection, and maintenance services we provide. To get started with a free pricing estimate, fill out this quick online form to schedule an in-home visit now.

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