What to Do When an Electrical Outlet Starts Sparking?

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When an Electrical Outlet Starts Sparking

You grab an electrical device, find an outlet, and plug it in—suddenly you see a spark. When an outlet starts sparking you need to hire a San Antonio local electrician. There is a chance this may not be a serious situation, but it is always best to let the pros determine if there is a problem at your home or office.

All Star Electric is an electrical company with thorough knowledge of fixing and replacing home outlets. Don’t wait for a possible disaster—it’s essential to figure out why your outlet could be sparking today.

Can a Sparking Outlet be Normal?

If you’re wondering whether a San Antonio sparking outlet can be normal, the short answer is yes.

Electricity is always quickly running from the main power grid to the available circuits in our homes. On occasion, when you plug a device in, the voltage is diverted from its path too quickly. This occurrence can result in a spark.

The problem is, however, it’s hard to say whether this is the case or if there’s a serious problem that requires a local electrician. That is why it is always best to opt for the cautious approach and hire an electrician when an outlet starts sparking. It is a relatively small cost for a large piece-of-mind.

What Serious Issue Could Be Causing Your Sparking Outlet?

If you let electrical problems go for too long, they can result in harmful consequences, including sparking, tripped breaks, or electrical fires.

If your outlet is sparking, it could be one of the three most common problems we see at All Star Electric, including:

Overloaded Outlet

Have you ever tried to plug way too many things into one outlet? This is never a good idea! Overloading an outlet is a common reason that San Antonio homeowners see sparks from their outlets.

Old/Damaged Electrical Equipment

Did you know that old outlets cause 6% of the home fires that occur annually? Like most other fixtures in your home, electrical outlets wear out over time and become difficult to use correctly. It’s vital to check them regularly.

Short Circuits

When too much heat builds up inside an outlet, it can cause the insulation around electrical wires to melt. When this happens, it can lead to short circuits. These significantly increase the risks of an electrical fire.

Should You Contact a San Antonio Electrical Company if Your Outlet is Sparking?

Whether you feel like your sparking outlet is normal or not, calling a San Antonio local electrician is crucial.

At All Star Electric, we always tell our customers there’s no absolute way to know if a sparking outlet is harmless. It could easily be caused by a more significant issue, like improper electrical installation. The safest option is to have it checked out in case you need an electrical repair.

If you’re concerned about your home outlets, give our experienced electricians a call today for more information. Or, simply fill out our easy-to-use online form to schedule an appointment.

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