Signs that you need to replace your electrical panel

Electric_panelA faulty electrical service panel could put your home at risk. The service panel is how power enters your house and is routed throughout its electrical system. The panel also provides safety by disconnecting circuits if excess electricity flows through them by tripping breakers. If the panel starts to malfunction or stops working altogether, you could lose power — or worse.

All Star Electric’s Rick Grohman has some advice: “If you have an older service panel, you need to be aware of some important warning signs that it may need replacement before it stops working altogether.” If you detect any of the symptoms listed below, call All Star for an appointment to inspect the panel and determine if it needs repairs or a complete replacement.

Electrical Panel Warnings To Heed…

  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers. When a panel begins to wear out, it will be more susceptible to power surges through the wires and will  disconnect circuits more frequently. And, as more and more electrical devices are being used in homes, your energy needs may exceed the capacity of the panel. If you find that you are resetting breakers a few times a week when before you rarely had to reset them more than a few times a year, the panel needs repair or replacement.
  • Breakers won’t stay reset. Resettting a tripped breaker is how to take care of a problem under normal circumstances. But if you discover that a reset circuit breaker in the panel won’t stay reset or doesn’t restore power, inspection by a professional electrician is called for.
  • Evidence of electrical fires in the panel. Worn-out wiring in an electrical panel can cause fires. They often quickly burn themselves out, but will leave behind telling signs. If you smell a strong, unpleasant odor emanating from the panel or notice scorching and discolored marks around the circuit breakers, there was probably an electrical fire in the panel and you need to call for professional assistance right away.

If you still have an old-school fuse box instead of a modern electrical service panel with circuit breakers, then you absolutely need to upgrade. Fuse boxes just can’t handle the electrical needs of today’s wired homes.

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