Electrical Issues to Fix ASAP That Will Get Your San Antonio, TX Home Sold Faster

Electrical Issues to Fix ASAP

Get your home ready for the market with these electrical fixes

Home buyers look for many things when considering whether to buy a home. Aesthetic features, like outdoor entertainment areas, number of bedrooms, and architectural style of the home are all things homeowners get excited about, but it’s often the smaller details that will make or break a home sale. There are some pressing electrical issues you need to fix ASAP!

There are several electrical issues you need to fix ASAP if you plan on selling the home. If you’re planning on putting your San Antonio home up for sale soon, or if you already have a home on the market and want to get it sold as soon as possible, follow these tips to make sure your electrical system is in tip-top shape.

1. Update the Outdated

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your electrical system nor did the people who lived in your home before you, or the people before them. It’s easy for an electrical system to get out of date over the years. A few electrical issues that are likely to be outdated that you should update include:

  • The Wiring System: Ask an electrician to inspect your system to make sure it utilizes solid copper wire, and there is adequate grounding.
  • Amperage: Older homes used 60 amps. Modern homes should be updated to receive 200 amps to handle the demand of multiple appliances, electronics, and fixtures.
  • Ungrounded Outlets: Today’s appliances and electronics require a grounded outlet. Every outlet in the home should have three prongs.

2. Double Check Your Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers can become outdated too, but they can also end up a little worn for wear. If your breakers technically aren’t outdated, they could still need replacement. It’s worth your time to take a closer look.

If you have a bulb-style panel, you’ll definitely need an update. You also could need an update if your home was built in the 60s and 70s, or if the electrical was redone during those decades. That’s because many panels were recalled from this time due to defective manufacturing.

If your panel isn’t outdated, but lights flicker due to electrical issues, or switches often get blown, circuit breakers should be replaced. If the breaker box is being held in place with duct tape, or if the wall is damaged or crumbling around the panel, it’s time for a professional repair.

3. Update for the 21st Century

If your system is technically up-to-date and fully functional, there still may be some things you can do to make your home’s electrical system more appealing to homeowners.

GFCIs have become the standard in rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, garage, and basement where moisture is common. Replace all outlets in these rooms with this safety feature.

Does your home have enough outlets? If you’ve been using power strips or extension cords, add some additional outlets to your home.

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