A History of Excellence: the All Star Electric Story

Rick Grohman, Jr., co-owner of All Star Electric, talks about the company’s history, its services, and the honor of being part of the San Antonio community for over 20 years.

What was the inspiration for founding All Star Electric?

Many people have had to deal with bad contractors. Bad contractors can fall into several categories, but the two most prominent complaints we have heard about other contractors over the years have been that they either don’t communicate with the customer well, or they provide bad service. When All Star was founded, we wanted a company that customers could rely on for all their needs. We wanted a company that was dependable, did good work every time, and charged fair prices. Nothing brings us more joy than having a happy customer who recommends us to people they know.

Richard Grohman Jr

Rick Grohman Jr.

Tell us a bit about your father, All Star’s founder.

My father has been in the electrical business since he was 17 years old. He is going to be 63 in January, so he has been doing this a year or two now! He was taught from a young age the value of hard work — his own father instilled that in him. He has done every type of electrical work there is to do. He has worked on highway lighting, oil refineries, hospitals, office buildings, apartments and homes.

Even at 62 years old, he is never afraid to strap his tools on and show the younger employees how to get something done. My father, in turn, passed his work ethic on to me. I am very fortunate to have had him help me learn the trade and appreciate the value of hard work.

How did you get into the family business?

I started in the electrical trade when I was 15 years old. I liked the work a lot. It was challenging at times, but I loved that. I started working for the family business when I was 17. After high school, I attended Trinity University where I studied Computer Science, Business Management and Accounting. I tried office jobs for a while after college, but it just wasn’t the same as strapping on your tools and actually getting to build something. In 2002, I returned to work with my father’s company. In 2004, I decided to become part-owner with my father. Since then, we have grown from a two-man team to a team of 15 now.

How many years of collective experience do you and your team have?

Just between my father and myself, we have 67 years. We have several guys with many years’ experience working with us as well. Collectively, I would say we have got to be close to 100 years of experience.
What’s the most challenging project All Star has ever undertaken and what was the outcome?

In 2004, it was just my father and myself. We took on a project that was a little large for a two-man team. It was a complete remodel of the entire 7th floor of the Methodist Hospital in the Medical Center. We worked for 14 hours per day, seven days per week, for four months to complete the project. We finished on schedule and on budget. It was very challenging, but very rewarding as well.

We have had many other challenging projects since then, but challenging for different reasons. We just remember that job and all the time we spent there making sure it was done properly.
What was the most unusual project?

We just completed an interesting project at the San Antonio VA Hospital, where we converted an old storage area into a new operating room. It was an interesting project because there was a new piece of medical imaging equipment being installed there that has not been installed anywhere else in the city. We had to integrate that new system with all the other systems that make up a functioning operating room.

2 Year WarrantyWhat makes All Star Electric the electrical contractor that San Antonians should call first?

We provide great quality work at competitive prices. We stand behind all our work with an industry leading, two-year warranty on parts and labor. That demonstrates to customers that we do good work and use quality parts. It helps put them at ease. We also use a flat-rate pricing system so customers know they are getting a fair price every time. We also provide free quotes, so there are never any surprise charges.

What services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of services to homeowners and business owners. A lot of them are listed on the website. We can add plugs and switches, install lighting, upgrade existing lighting, rewire homes, install or replace panels, install or replace electrical service, install phone or data drops, design and install landscape lighting, provide lighting consultations, and show owners how to save money by using electricity more wisely.

We can also help to automate a project, an area or an entire facility through a Building Management System. We can also help businesses meet new lighting codes and standards to help them save money on their electric bill. We also help them to boast that they are doing their part to reduce their impact on the environment (the new building and lighting code is the IECC 2015). We help them achieve this as cost-effectively as possible with the latest in lighting control systems.

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